This just needs to be posted somewhere…

weathereye: I’m reading the Old Testament, but I’m sitting in a strip club, so they cancel each other out.

GAB: I recommend Ezekiel for that situation, not least because it’s a surrealist book for what is so clearly a surreal situation.

“Ezekiel saw the wheel” becomes “Ezekiel saw the pole way up in the middle of the stage.”

“And the bones came together” becomes “And the boobs came together.”

“Separating the sheep from the goats” becomes “Separating the sheep from their dollar bills.”

(I could go on, but I won’t…)

weathereye: Sorry, I’m just at the part where God makes a chick out of a dude’s rib. That’s hardcore. If I’d known there was stuff like this, I would have read this thing a long time ago.

Isn’t there a murder coming up? And giants, and a talking snake? This stuff rocks.

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