Feeling Old

I attmpt to climb out of bed and start my day but this horrible, blinding headache stops me. I think every part of my body hurts right now. Was the party that good last night? I don’t remember drinking so why do I feel like I have the worst hangover in history? I slowly lift my hands to my face so my brain doesn’t slosh aroud anymore and see that they are covered in dry blood that is actually starting to flake off onto my crisp, white sheets. Then I remember. Yes, I went to a party. No, I didn’t drink. There was a fight. There was a lot of screaming and running. Did I kill two or three vampires last night? My accountant is going to shit when he gets the bill from the owner of that car. Apparently, vampires are not faster than an Audi R8 and I doubt that it will be covered by insurance.

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