The Beginning

I had the dream again last night. I wake up and all I can see is the ceiling. I can’t move my head to look around. I can’t feel my fingers or toes. When I blink my eyes, I start to focus and realize I can hear a slow beeping noise. I then notice that I have a tube up my nose. I am connected to machines. That beeping is a heart monitor. I am in a hospital. I start to panic and the beeping is getting faster. That’s when I see him. His face is right next to mine. He is whispering to me but I can’t really hear what he is saying. He kisses my cheek and disappears. I feel the tears stinging my eyes. I wake up crying.

  1. Hey look what you’ve been up to girl……..vampire hunter. I got a friend who’s crypt you need to uncover…:-)

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